Office 365: All In, One Week In

I’ve been an Office 365 customer for a week now. I really like it.

Now, of course I’ve been working with Office 365 for a long time — longer than most people. But a week and a half ago was when I made it personal, and completed the changeover of from Google Apps to Office 365.

Yep —  One of the benefits of being around for a long time is having had the option to get first choice on domain names.  And as such, if you want to email me personally as opposed to via Nintex, I’m reachable at

Admittedly, I’ve started with mail, and Exchange is great.  At $4 per month per user for Exchange-only support, I’m hard-pressed to find reasons not to do it.  No ads!  ActiveSync for mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes — with multiple mobile devices!  IMAP (when needed) with real folders instead of labels-that-kind-of-behave-like-folders.

I don’t yet have a need for Lync on a personal level, so I haven’t done that.  I have, however, started adding apps to SharePoint Online sites to see what I can make use of.  I’ll investigate putting files in document libraries, but SkyDrive Pro is a pale shadow of SkyDrive, and DropBox does already does such a good job.  Still, if I can pay fewer cloud providers for storage, the move would be worth it.

SharePoint Online will remain a non-public thing, however.  I thought about activating the public site and using it for blogging, but then I remembered just how limiting SharePoint’s blogging capabilities are.  I’ll stick with WordPress and just redirect to for the foreseeable future.  Pity.  I’d like to be more “all in”.

Still, this is good. I’ve known why companies have flocked to Office 365 for Exchange first, but now I feel it too.

One Response to Office 365: All In, One Week In

  1. Martin says:

    Glad someone else if just making the leap. Been trying (half heartedly) but will be making it soon.

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