Oh, The Perils/Joys of Limited Information

Trickles of information are coming in throughout the blogosphere on Office 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, etc.  I thought I’d add a bit of perspective from my days on the SharePoint team…

For the last three releases of SharePoint technology, there were early adopter programs.  In fact, for independent software vendors (ISVs), there were extra-early adopter programs so they could sort through, adapt, and enhance their products (or even create new ones) based on what was coming down the pike.  The thing was, any company involved had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that precluded talking about, well, anything, even to people in other NDA programs.

If one were to assume that such a program is in effect for SharePoint Server 2010, et. al., the people who know the most are the people who can/will say the least.  You can, to a certain extent, identify people who will be very likely be thought leaders after all is revealed at the October SharePoint Conference, because right now, they’re pretty much keeping their mouths shut and their blogs silent.

This isn’t to say that speculation isn’t running rampant.  And there are now four sources of official information on what’s coming up that are public:

You can get a reasonable amount of information from these sources, but it pales in comparison to what isn’t being said.  Some diligent souls will do their best to sort through all of this, and I’m sure they’re welcome to try.  You can spot the good ones by the fact that they’ll stick to explaining what’s been revealed rather than speculating as to what hasn’t.

I’ll post some follow-ups on this topic presently. It’s kind of near and dear to my heart these days…


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