Holy Spit — They Actually Built It…

When I was part of the SharePoint teams, people asked me for advice all the time.  Sometimes, they even took it.  As it turns out, Nintex took a lot of it.

My stance of staying the heck out of the SharePoint databases is a matter of public record.  I wasn’t kidding then, and I’m still not kidding about it.  It’s a bad idea.  That having been said, a frequent question that came up in response involved how to report on what’s going on within SharePoint farms. 

You’ve got basically two options: walk the object model (many tools on CodePlex do this) or directly query the databases used by WSS/MOSS (don’t do this).  Or you can take a blue-sky, hybrid approach:  walk the object model and save the results to a data warehouse.  That was usually met with nods of understanding followed by cringes of understanding on just what it would take to do such a thing (no matter how much it would be worth it).

Well, Nintex did it anyway.  You’ll see it at TechEd in Orlando next week and/or on our Web site — we RTM today.

I’ll post over the next several days a few snippets about how the product works and what you can do with it (both for using it and extending it).  But the gist of it is that we — in a completely “legal”, supportable way — inspect the farm and stage nuggets o’ insight into a proper data warehouse, then provide plenty of tools for you to report on that warehouse’s contents to your heart’s content.

Details to follow.  This is fun.


2 Responses to Holy Spit — They Actually Built It…

  1. Sharon says:

    Now that should be popular… let me know how you plan on packaging it up. Starting to do governance with some clients and this could help.

  2. […] Nintex builds a way to monitor activity across SharePoint web farms (you would not believe how difficult that is to do in the current architecture) – https://mikefitzmaurice.wordpress.com/2008/05/30/holy-spit-they-actually-built-it/#comment-7 […]

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