Sorry, but this will have to be a trade secret-free zone…

As much fun as it it could be using this space to leak fun tidbits of what may/may not happen in the next releases of SharePoint technology in particular and Office technology in general, it can’t happen. It should come as no surprise that I signed a non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft the day I was hired way back in 1997, and as such much of what I know (or don’t know) about What Is Yet To Come will have to be placed in a cognitive lock box.

The best you can hope for is the fact that I’m obviously not going to advocate practices, techniques, etc., that won’t have a good chance of long-term viability. Similarly, if I’m bullish on something, it’s probably got a future. There’s nothing in my NDA that says I have to pursue fruitless paths just to misdirect people.

So my opinions will remain informed ones, but may often have to remain without supporting data points.


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